Published on 14 June 2019

Responsible Wood one of 28 exhibitors at Frame Australia’s ‘Timber Off Site Construction’ conference

Jason Ross – Forest certification an important message at engineered timber conference

Running Monday, June 17th and Tuesday, June 18th 2019 Responsible Wood, Australia’s largest forest certification scheme, will be a key feature at the upcoming Frame Australia conference in Melbourne.

With a focus on timber construction, the conference is the only national event for design, manufacture and construction of offsite and mass timber buildings.

Mass timber, otherwise known as engineered timber include Glue Laminated Timber (GLT), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) provide high performance options for builders, architects, engineers and developers for building projects.

And on hand to assist, Jason Ross will be operating the Responsible Wood exhibit for the duration of the conference.

‘The conference has a focus on timber construction, specifically off-site construction and mass timber.’

‘Responsible Wood will be joining with fellow exhibitors, partners and sponsors to educate delegates on the benefits of wood and will be using the platform to double down on the environmental and social credentials of forest certification,’ Mr Ross said.

But what is forest certification and what options are available for socially and environmentally conscious builders, architects, engineers and developers?

‘Wood is the ultimate renewable, our focus is to raise awareness of Responsible Wood and PEFC certification and promote pathways for use in the market place.’

‘PEFC is the largest global forest certification scheme, with more than 310 million hectares of forest under certification and Responsible Wood manages the endorsed Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management so when timber claims PEFC or Responsible Wood certification specifiers and consumers can have trust that the timber is sourced from a sustainable forest.’

‘The importance of forest certification cannot be understated, the PEFC and Responsible Wood certification schemes are the custodians ensuring that forests are protected for future and continued use.’

‘PEFC and Responsible Wood provide environmental commitments for the long term management of our natural resource, it’s a commitment to responsible forestry that can carry generations’ Mr Ross said.  

For the environmentally and socially conscious consumer, PEFC and Responsible Wood certified timber is readily available.

‘Fortunately we have an abundance of forests that are certified, the key is to ask your supplier, merchant or retailer for timber that carries a PEFC or Responsible Wood claim.’

‘And when it comes to engineered timber, many of Australia’s largest projects have used engineered timbers that carry PEFC or Responsible Wood certification,’ Mr Ross said.

Recent examples of building projects using PEFC certified engineered timbers include the critically acclaimed International House project in Barangaroo, Sydney.

‘The International House was an incredible project, 7 stories in structure, the project was successfully awarded the coveted prize of ‘Best Certified Timber’ at the prestigious World Architecture Fair in Amsterdam in November 2018,’ Mr Ross said.  

For more information about the Timber Offsite Construction conference please visit the Frame Australia website.