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We manage the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme which is underpinned by two Australian Standards*
tree icon Sustainable Forest
Management (AS / NZS 4708)
tree icon Chain of Custody for Forest Products (AS 4707)

AS / NZS 4708 & AS 4707

The Australian and New Zealand Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (AS / NZS 4708) and Chain of Custody for Forest Products (AS 4707) were developed in accordance with Responsible Wood Standards Development Policies and Procedures  and have been accredited as Australian Standards®.

The Responsible Wood standards development process is clear and rigorously defined and based on three internationally recognised principles:

Openness and transparency of process

Transparency is critical in the preparation of standards. Transparency means that every act must follow a well-established procedure; that the procedure is equitable to all parties; and that each step in the standardisation process is open and available for scrutiny.


Consensus in standardisation is the process through which a Standards Reference Body  consisting of many different and sometimes opposed interests, arrives at a general agreement on the content and requirements of a standard. This produces a standard which best matches the needs and values of our society as a whole, and due to representation of a range of parties, broad community acceptance is assured.


The membership of a Standards Reference Body  is formally balanced as part of the constitution of the committee to represent the broadest possible spectrum of stakeholder interests.

For more information on standards development see the Standards Australia website at