Published on 14 June 2019

Marketers will take Responsible Wood and PEFC to architectural practices…

Jason Ross – Responsible Wood will present to architectural practices

Responsible Wood has partnered with The Arc Agency, a leading marketing specialist in the architectural, interiors and landscape design industry to connect architects and design professionals with Responsible Wood and PEFC certification.

The new relationship will see Responsible Wood present the ‘case for forest certification’ to leading architectural practices throughout Australia.

Speaking about the relationship, Responsible Wood Marketing and Communications Officer, Jason Ross, spoke of the importance of forest certification as a tool for specifiers of timber and paper based products.

‘Forest certification is a must, when a timber based product is sold with a formal claim, it provides architects with security that the timber is sourced from a legal and sustainably verified source.’

‘As it stands PEFC is the largest forest certification scheme in the world and Responsible Wood, who manages the endorsed Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management, provides mutual recognition and international endorsement for timber products sourced globally.’

‘Not only can forest certification be used by specifiers to meet timber legality requirements as outlined in the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act (Cth) but it can be used to secure valuable timber material credits for Green Star and Home Star rated building project.’

‘Simply put, sourcing timber from forests that support responsible forestry is not only good for the environment but it’s an investment in supporting foresters committed to preserving and managing forests for future generations,’ Mr Ross said.

And with Responsible Wood certified forests in abundance, resource availability is not an issue for environmentally conscious architects seeking to do the right thing.

‘As it stands more than 11.5 million hectares of defined Australian forests are certified under the Responsible Wood certification scheme with more than 310 million hectares of global forests certified under the PEFC certification scheme.’

‘As it stands 9% of global forests are covered under the PEFC International umbrella, a commitment by foresters to support social and environmental benchmarks.’

‘These benchmarks originated from the Montreal Process, a multilateral commitment to preserve and manage global forests sustainably and for future generations.’

‘In the simplest terms, PEFC and Responsible Wood is a systematic approach ensuring that wood is sourced from legal and responsible forests, protecting the lungs of the planet for future generations,’ Mr Ross said.   

For more information about Responsible Wood please visit the Responsible Wood website, for more information about The Arc Agency please visit The Arc Agency website.