Forest owners

Responsible Wood sustainable forest management certification enables forest owners to provide assurances that they manage their forests in line with challenging environmental, social and economic requirements – balancing people, planet and profit. Hundreds of thousands of forest owners around the world, from small, family and community forests to large company owned forests, have achieved Responsible Wood certification, covering more than 300 million hectares of forest.

Why get Responsible Wood certification for your forest?

Forest management is a long-term process, with the results of good practice often only apparent after decades. PEFC sustainable forest management certification provides you with independent recognition of your responsible management practices now.

Sustainable wood will ‘build back better’

Certification for small-forest owners

Group certification enables the certification of multiple forest owners as a group. Designed specifically for small-, family and community owned forests; it ensures PEFC certification is affordable and practical.

Forest management, climate action and carbon emissions PEFC at the Sustainable Retail Summit

How to get Responsible Wood forest certification

Discover the steps you need to take in order to achieve PEFC sustainable forest management certification of your forest.

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Get certified

Whether you're a forest owner or company within the forest supply chain, get Responsible Wood and PEFC certified and help protect the world's forests.

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Find certified Responsible Wood timber, paper and wood products. Verify that a company is Responsible Wood certified. Search for Responsible Wood certified companies and products.

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Become a member

Demonstrate your commitment and activate your support to forests by becoming a Responsible Wood stakeholder member.

Contribute to our standards

Contribute to Our Standards

From giving feedback through an online public consultation, to helping drive the development of a standard by joining a working group, you can help us to ensure our standards meet your expectations.