Latest News - Save the Date – Responsible Wood AGM to be hosted in Mount Gambier!

‘University of South Australia Mount Gambier Campus to host AGM in nod to Green Triangle’ Responsible Wood, Australia’s largest forest

Latest News - Responsible Wood welcomes WA Wood Encouragement Policy

Western Australia has joined Tasmania to become the second state government to adopt a state-wide Wood Encouragement Policy (WEP). A

Latest News - ‘PEFC’ a power for good in New Zealand

‘NZ businesses embrace PEFC as New Zealanders get serious about sustainability’ Covered by Jason Ross, Responsible Wood Marketing and Communications

Connecting consumers with the sustainable origins of their products.

For forests to continue to deliver the full range of benefits that people and nature are dependent on, they need to be conserved and managed responsibly.

Sustainable forest management offers a holistic approach to ensure forest activities deliver social, environmental and economic benefits now and in the future.