For more than 20 years PineTech has been an important cog in Gympie’s thriving timber industry –specialising in manufacturing door componentry and producing customised products for the cabinetry and shop fit-out industry. 

PineTech General Manager, Bret Argar, passionate about Responsible Wood

Certified under the Responsible Wood Chain of Custody Scheme, the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management, PineTech primarily uses “Aracauria” but also uses ‘‘Pinus Elliottii’ and ‘Pinus Caribaea’ pine all from HQP Plantations forests.

For PineTech General Manager, Bret Argar, the use of sustainable and renewable plantation timber plays an important role in supporting responsible forest practices.

“Responsibly sourced, plantation timber provides our customers with assurance that the timber is sourced from forests that meet the requirements for Sustainable Forest Management under the Australian Standard,” Mr Argar said.

Forest certification validates the origin of timber, in the forest, and through an extensive auditing process, can be used to demonstrate that timber grown, harvested, processed and manufactured is legal and meets a range of social and environmental benchmarks.

PineTech is a major supplier to a variety of businesses in the downstream door manufacturing industry, all certified under the Responsible Wood Chain of Custody Scheme.

Under the Responsible Wood certification scheme, ‘Chain of Custody’ links the origin of wood to the final product. A seamless process that links the forest, the supply chain and the end consumer.

Like all businesses PineTech is adapting to the changing COVID environment.

Supplying Australia-wide, PineTech has increased cubic metre output to meet increased demand for door and cabinetry products.

“We have a good story to tell.” Mr Argar explains:

“Through the pandemic demand for our products have increased, and to meet increased demand, we have invested in our people, recruited and trained new workers to maximise output.”

“PineTech is a business that is strongly connected with our community, our owners are passionate about providing employment opportunities for the Gympie community.”

In 2017 the Gympie Regional Council became the second Queensland municipality to adopt a Wood Encouragement Policy (WEP), which aims to drive the use of timber products in local building and construction projects.

Today more than 20 jurisdictions, including the Western Australian and Tasmanian State Governments have adopted Wood Encouragement Policies (WEP). The adoption of similar policies around the world is growing steadily, including New Zealand, Canada, Japan, France, Finland, Switzerland and the UK, who are all encouraging the use of nature, timber-based products in construction.

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