The PEFC International family converged on Geneva, Switzerland to discuss key issues and share experiences as part of the 2019 PEFC Members Meeting.

Responsible Wood presenting in Geneva

Running from Wednesday April 10th 2019 to Friday April 12th 2019 the meeting provided PEFC members with an ideal opportunity to discuss global impacts on forest certification and emerging trends in forest management and chain of custody for forest products.

For Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, innovation both within the forests and the supply chain were key features across the members meeting.

“It’s great to see innovation and inspiration in the many projects of our members,” Mr Gunneberg said.

Amongst key discussions included the release of a new PEFC International Chain of Custody standard which is set to be released for further comment later in the year.

Representing Responsible Wood, Australia’s largest and most diverse forest certification scheme, Jason Ross was on hand to brief PEFC members on the development of Responsible Wood in the Australasian market place.

“Responsible Wood has international endorsement and mutual recognition by PEFC and is an active participant in the PEFC International family.”

“This endorsement is critical as it provides importers and exporters with the opportunity to demonstrate timber legality globally,” Mr Ross said.

Responsible Wood continues to grow from strength to strength.

“Responsible Wood is currently in the process of developing a new standard for Sustainable Forest Management.”

“The new standard is set to be a truly Trans-Tasman, a joint Australian and New Zealand standard for Sustainable Forest Management.”

“The new standard represents a new watermark for sustainable forest management across the Australasian region,” Mr Ross said.

Reflecting on the Responsible Wood brand, Mr Ross was buoyed by the response from representatives across the PEFC International family.

“Responsible Wood, the brand, had strong, positive feedback from participants in the PEFC International family.”

“Responsible Wood continues to push the case for sustainable forest management, especially in the timber, construction and paper sectors,” Mr Ross said.

For more information about the PEFC International Chain of Custody for Forest Products standard and the Trans-Tasman Sustainable Forest Management standard please contact Responsible Wood, (07) 3359 1758 or