‘Bulletin celebrates Responsible Wood as a power for good’

For Sydney Metro and Phillip Island, and for many projects in between, Responsible Wood is establishing a name as a trust-mark for responsibly sourced timber.

But for Responsible Wood’s Jason Ross it is not just the building materials sector where Responsible Wood and PEFC continues to experience rapid growth.

Indeed, one of Australasia’s largest distributes of print materials and consumables, BJ Ball, is taking PEFC to the classroom, meeting with the next generation of designers to improve knowledge of forest certification.

‘The ‘Knowledge can grow on trees’ on page 7 is a great story, BJ Ball is one of the Australasia’s largest paper suppliers and with this platform, imparting all important knowledge for today’s purchasers and tomorrow’s leaders,’ Mr Ross said.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the latest Bulletin, Jason was drawn to the diversity of stories covered – indeed the winter months have been a busy time for the Responsible Wood team.

‘The Spring Bulletin has marked what has been an extremely busy time for Responsible Wood.’

‘From carrying the PEFC Australia banner proudly at the Asia-Pacific Forest Week in South Korea, and in Japan, in Australia and across the Tasman in New Zealand, Responsible Wood remains a champion of responsibly managed forests,’ Mr Ross said.   

Responsibly managed forests is key and with the Western Australian State Government following Tasmania in adopting a state-wide Wood Encourage Policy (WEP), Responsible Wood certification provides an all-important pathway for sustainably sourced timber to be used on construction projects.

‘The WEP policies are great enablers, and thanks to the tireless work of Planet Ark, through its Make It Wood campaign, responsibly-sourced timbers, from responsibly-sourced forests, certified through the Responsible Wood certification scheme are being used on construction projects throughout Australia.’

‘The Sydney Metro North West and the Phillip Island Visitor Centre projects are a start but they are just the tip of the iceberg,’ Mr Ross said.

To read more about the Phillip Island Visitor Centre (cover story), the Sydney Metro North West project certification, BJ Ball Papers education programme, the Western Australian WEP or Responsible Wood’s activities in South Korea and Japan please click here to download the Responsible Wood Bulletin.