Published on 16 October 2019

 ‘University of South Australia Mount Gambier Campus to host AGM in nod to Green Triangle’

Responsible Wood, Australia’s largest forest certification scheme, has announced that the University of South Australia’s Mount Gambier Campus will be hosting its Annual General Meeting next Tuesday, the 22nd of October 2019.

Speaking ahead of the announcement, Responsible Wood CEO, Simon Dorries, spoke of the importance of the Green Triangle to the Australian forest products industry; with the selection of Mount Gambier a nod to the many Responsible Wood and PEFC scheme holders operating within the Green Triangle.

 ‘The Green Triangle is a major success story for the Australian forest products industry, a major wood producer that touches Victorian and South Australian regional communities.’

‘For Responsible Wood many of our scheme holders and members, particularly forest growers that carry PEFC certification operate within the Green Triangle,’ Mr Dorries said.  

The AGM will be a historic occasion for Responsible Wood, the first AGM to be hosted in the regional location.

‘The selection of Mount Gambier has been deliberate, this is about taking our AGM out of the major cities and taking it to our community; taking the scheme back to the roots figuratively and actually,’ Mr Dorries said.

Responsible Wood will be awarding the coveted Richard Stanton Memorial Award for Excellence in Forest Management or Chain of Custody during the course of the AGM.

Always a highlight, 2019 marks the fifth year of the award, paying tribute to the late Richard Stanton, a previous CEO and National Secretary of the Australian Forestry Standard Ltd (now Responsible Wood).

The Responsible Wood AGM will take place from 3.00pm until 4.00pm and will be followed at 4.30pm until 6.30pm with drinks and canapes.

Free parking for attendees will be available along Wireless Road, Mount Gamier adjacent to the campus.