Engaging Content and Key Takeaways for Building Professionals

The Wood You Like to Know Conference, hosted by Weathertex and Wattyl Australia, brought together builders, designers, and other industry professionals in Brisbane for a day of insightful discussions on timber products in residential and commercial building projects. The event, held at the exclusive Gambaro Hotel, featured an impressive lineup of speakers who shared their expertise and perspectives on various aspects of timber use in construction.The event facilitated important discussions on the advantages of sustainably sourced wood, but also shed light on the challenges the industry is facing, such as surging global demand, future supply issues, species selection, maintenance concerns, and the importance of compliance and certification.

Yvonne Pengilly, Director of Myown Constructions and former QBCC deputy commissioner, kicked off the event with a compelling talk on compliance responsibilities and the challenges of non-conforming building products. Drawing on her vast experience, Pengilly highlighted the advantages of using timber in construction, shared successful examples of timber projects in mid-rise construction, and addressed the issue of non-compliant building products.

David Baggs, CEO & Program Director of Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd, challenged the audience to go beyond raw material certification and consider product selection and procurement in their sustainability efforts. Baggs raised valid concerns around the accountability of manufacturing processes beyond sustainability of raw materials, urging industry professionals to embrace transparency as a whole.