“Collaboration is the name of the game, today is our chance to discuss how we can better communicate with our audiences…”

And with that the convener for the day’s proceedings, Joe Prevedello, AFPA’s Communication Manager welcomed attendees to the inaugural AFPA Communications summit at the picturesque Manuka Oval on Wednesday, November 7 2018.

The movers and shakers of Australian timber were all there, 27 participants from 21 different organisations. Major companies, industry associations and Responsible Wood.

All with a single mandate, to frame a coordinated message promoting the benefits of wood.

According to Jason Ross, Responsible Wood’s representation was well received by all in attendance.

“Universally all stakeholders appreciate the role certification plays in demonstrating environmental and social credentials to consumers of timber and timber based products.”

“As the country’s largest certification scheme, with more than 8 million hectares of defined forest certified under the Responsible Wood certification scheme, and with more than 250 processors merchants and retailers carrying our ‘trust mark’ on their packaging, framing a message that encourages consumers to ‘make it wood’ is a must.”

“The success of certification is directly linked to its improved awareness amongst consumers and specifiers, and in order to do this we must encourage our scheme holders to proudly promote our trust mark on their packaging” Mr Ross said.

In closing the summit, representatives nominated delegates to participate in a ‘working group’ to present a refined communications message at a future summit.

Amongst delegates invited to participate, Responsible Wood was one of 8 delegates invited to participate in the ‘working group.’

“We expect work to soon commence, our focus will be to promote the environmental and social benefits and ensure that messaging is channelled to consumers of timber and timber-based products” Mr Ross said.