Responsible Wood continues to grow from strength to strength with more than 11 million hectares of Australian Forests now under certification…

Responding to a story recently published on the ABC Responsible Wood CEO, Simon Dorries, is well equipped with the facts, figures and features when it comes to sustainable forest management.

“Responsible Wood operates the only forest certification scheme that meets an endorsed Australian Standard, from standard development, to responsible forestry and governance, the Responsible Wood ‘trust mark’ carries with it all the integrity of the Australian Forestry Standard.”

Reflecting on the size and breadth of the Responsible Wood certification scheme, Responsible Wood is internationally recognized under PEFC endorsement scheme; the world’s largest forest certification scheme.

“In Australia, more than 11.4 million hectares of Australian Forests are now certified under the Responsible Wood Sustainable Forest Management standard (AS 4708) whilst more than 250 operators carry Responsible Wood Chain of Custody for Forest Products (AS 4707).”

“The scheme certifies a variety of responsible native and plantation forests, carrying a variety of unique native species and exotic plantation softwoods.”

“This means that Responsible Wood is the most extensive forest certification scheme in the Australian timber market, well over 90% of domestically grown and certified pine forest products carry Responsible Wood or PEFC forest certification.”

“Whether it be imported or domestic grown and manufactured, Responsible Wood and PEFC ticks all the boxes when it comes to responsible sourced forest management,” Mr Dorries said.

And whilst there are different forest certification schemes in the Australian market, Responsible Wood is the only certification scheme that meets an endorsed Australian Standard.

“The term green washing is thrown around from time to time, Responsible Wood certification scheme, the Australian Forestry Standard, is the only forest management certification scheme that utilizes independent certified bodies accredited through the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).”

“From standard development and ongoing management to governance in the certification process, the Responsible Wood certification standard goes through rigorous multi stakeholder process.”

“This carries significant weight in the marketplace, our standards set a benchmark for responsible forestry in Australia,” Mr Dorries said.

The ABC story directed consumers to credible, sustainably managed products that might be in short supply.

Responsible Wood certified products are available from all leading building suppliers.

For more information about Responsible Wood Sustainable Forest Management, Chain of Custody for Forest Products or Responsible Wood certification more generally please contact Responsible Wood or visit the Responsible Wood website.

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