Do you want to give feedback on the draft Australian / New Zealand Standard for Sustainable Forest Management but feel you need more information on how this document is changing? Make sure you register for our upcoming workshop.

Taking place on Tuesday, September 15 2020 (12.00pm AWST, 2.00pm AEST and 4.00pm NZST), the workshop will introduce and explain the main changes proposed in the AS / NZS 4708:20XX draft standard, providing the basis for the requirements that forest owners or managers must meet to achieve PEFC certification in Australia and New Zealand.

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The Workshop will be chaired by Dr Gordon Duff, Chair of the AS/NZS 4708 Standards Reference Committee.

“The Responsible Wood Certification Scheme is recognised as a world leading certification scheme for natural and plantation forests,” said the Chairman of the Standard Reference Committee, Dr Gordon Duff.

“The Committee includes a broad range of organisations in Australia and New Zealand involved in the forest management, forest research, auditing, government, community, environmental, indigenous and labour unions.”

“These organisations are keen to get public feedback on how the revised Standard can be further improved.”

The Committee invites public comment on the draft standard. Comments should be submitted by 23rd of October 2020, preferably using the submission form available from Responsible Wood.

The review process is being undertaken in accordance with Standards Australia procedures, Responsible Wood is accredited as a Standards Development Organisation (SDO) and is accredited to develop Australian and New Zealand Standards in accordance with the standards development procedures.

The Responsible Wood Certification Scheme, of which AS 4708 is a key component, is accredited by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). PEFC is the world’s largest certification system for sustainable forest management.

The Standard Reference Committee has sought to ensure that the revised standard (AS/NZS 4708) continues to be consistent with PEFC endorsement requirements.

The draft Standard, the submission form and a summary of major changes can be downloaded from the Responsible Wood website (click in the three links to download).

The Workshop will be held using zoom conferencing and numbers will be limited. This workshop will include opportunity for questions and answers.

Please register using the link below.

Make sure you register now so you don’t miss out.