Published on 8 July 2019

Indonesia in the spotlight as more than 8% of the world’s forests is now certified under PEFC forest certification…

PEFC, the world’s largest forest certification scheme, provides a framework for communities to manage forests responsibly for multi-generational use.       

And according to a new video, produced by the Indonesian endorsed PEFC scheme (the Indonesian Forest Certification Cooperation), PEFC forest certification is instrumental in supporting local communities using social and environmental benchmarks to care for the forest.

PEFC forest certification in Indonesia

Support local communities and support responsible forestry by purchasing a timber or paper product that carries the PEFC or Responsible Wood logos.  

The Indonesian Forest Certification Cooperation (IFCC) in detail

IFCC was established on September 9th, 2011, which its objective is to promote SFM by implementation of the PEFC (Programme for The Endorsement of Forest Certification) Scheme, which includes among others, but not limited to, certification of forest management, forest products, forest product-processing industries and the chain of custody.

IFCC has officially become a PEFC National Governing Body in Indonesia since November 2012, and on October 1, 2014 IFCC certification scheme has officially endorsed by the PEFC Council.

For more information please visit the IFCC website.