‘Responsible Wood and PEFC certified timber featured at PTEC 2019 Conference’

Promoting the cause – Jason Ross on display at PTEC2019

Responsible Wood, the governing body for PEFC in Australia, was one of six key exhibitors at the 2019 Pacific Timber Engineering Conference (PTEC 2019) hosted in Brisbane from July 10th to 12th 2019.

With a collaborative mix of industry, academics and practitioners, the conference brought together professionals from across the glove to talk all things timber.

According to Jason Ross, Marketing and Communications Officer for Responsible Wood, forest certification provided an important context of panel discussions.

‘In a pacific context, global demand for engineered timbers is growing, and through the development of the mass timber as a viable and attractive option for the built environment.’

‘But with the development of mass timber solutions such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), forest certification plays an important role ensuring the timber is sourced from forests that meets environmental benchmarks.’

‘Responsible Wood and PEFC are enduring ‘trust marks’ providing engineers and building practitioners with confidence that timber is not only legal but promotes responsible land use for multi-generational use,’ Mr Ross said.

And when it comes to forest certification, the onus is on engineers and building practitioners that work with timber to actively demand forest certified timber from their supply chains.   

‘What this conference demonstrates is that the supply of PEFC and Responsible Wood certified timber is ample, when it comes to forest certification chain of custody is king.’

‘PEFC is the largest forest certification scheme in the world, in a global context more than 310 million hectares of forests are covered by PEFC, more than 11 million hectares is covered in Australia under the Responsible Wood certification scheme.’

‘To ensure that timber is certified, a PEFC or Responsible Wood claim must be made by supplier to verify the origin of the timber, that timber follows a supply chain from the forests that is subject to an extensive auditing process by an external certification body,’ Mr Ross said.

For more information about PEFC and Responsible Wood certification, including a register of all suppliers that supply PEFC or Responsible Wood certified timber please visit the Responsible Wood website.