Stationery giant Candida provided Responsible Wood with a guided tour of their state of the art Auckland operating plant

Covered by Jason Ross, Marketing and Communications Officer for Responsible Wood

AUCKLAND, 05/09/2019 – Candida, far from a household name too many, but a remarkable company that touches households across the Tasman.

Indeed, as one of Australasia’s largest envelope manufacturers, Candida’s plain stock envelopes, printed envelopes and custom envelopes are a staple that unites Aussies and Kiwis.

And according to Corey Martin, Operations Manager, when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Candida is a company that is leading by example.

‘Recycling and reused materials is central to everything we do,’ Mr Martin said.  

‘For example, all plastic shrinking wrapping on our paper reels and pallets are recycled, all our packaged boxes are recycled and two of our envelopes are specifically designed to be re-used.’

For Candida, sustainability is not just about demonstrating its wares as good corporate citizens, sustainability underpins its commercial competitiveness in a rapidly changing environment. 

‘We invest in sustainability for the efficiencies it provides for our business, whether it be reducing waste and reusing materials or reducing energy usage we are always looking to invest in plant and equipment that reduces our environmental footprint.’

 ‘Adapt or perish, we are a business that believes wholeheartedly in the triple bottom line for environmental, social and economic sustainability,’ Mr Martin said.

But for Responsible Wood, the national governing body for PEFC in Australia, it is Candida’s commitment to source paper from sustainably managed forests that draws attention.

Speaking about Candida’s PEFC ‘Chain of Custody’, Responsible Wood CEO, Simon Dorries, spoke of the importance of forest certification in supporting responsible forest practices.  

‘Candida has PEFC and FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ forest certification in Auckland and in Sydney and Adelaide – this in itself represents a high watermark in sustainable practice.’

‘PEFC ‘Chain of Custody’ allows Candida to trace the paper in its envelopes back to its source, ensuring that forests are used and managed ethically and responsibly.’

‘PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification scheme, with more than 311 million hectares of forest under certification it provides market access to scheme holders by means of international endorsement and mutual recognition in global markets.’

‘But more importantly, the iconic PEFC logo provides envelope aficionados with confidence that paper used in envelopes comes from a responsible and sustainable source,’ Mr Dorries said.

For more information about Candida stationary please visit the Candida website, for more information about PEFC forest certification in Australia and New Zealand please visit the Responsible Wood website