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Talking sustainable forestry & certification on new platforms

Our Sustainability Manager Matt de Jongh was recently featured on two different podcasts to talk about sustainable forestry, the Responsible Wood and PEFC Certification Schemes and dispel common myths about the industry. Matt introduces the topic by outlining:

Sustainable forest management under these schemes, not only ensures trees regrow and regenerate, absorbing and sequestering carbon, but also ensures biodiversity values are maintained and enhanced. It amazes me that people still think forestry is deforestation. When in actual fact a certified sustainable forest is quite literally the opposite. Under these schemes, a forest remains a forest. Trees grow back, either by natural means, laying seed or being planted. These are fundamental requirements of our standard. The forest is not converted to other land uses.

Matt de Jongh at the "The Specification" Podcast

Matt de Jongh joins the Specification Podcast – listen here

In an interview with The Specification podcast, Matt discussed what designers and builders need to consider when specifying products on their projects.

Podcasts are on the rise and a great way of getting information out to new audiences. They are an important vehicle to help dispel some of the common myths about forestry in Australia.

The Specification podcast is a platform for architects, designers, and other interested parties to learn about building materials, how they’re made, and what to consider when designing with them. The show’s hosts, Joe and Laurence, welcome a different product supplier each week to delve deeper into their products and provide insights that are often missed.

Having open conversations with people about how sustainable forest certification works in this format allows our key messag