Extended 16 page edition builds on Responsible Wood’s momentum in the market…

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Ahead of the autumn release of the Responsible Wood Bulletin, Simon Dorries, CEO of Australia’s largest forest certification scheme, reflected on the shifting perceptions of forest certification in the forest products industry.

“For the first time, the Australian Forestry Standard now known as Responsible Wood has developed a 16 page extended bulletin highlighting and showcasing the last 3 months of activity.”

“It really has been a busy time for all at Responsible Wood, as we continue to promote the importance of forest certification through the supply chain and ultimately to the end users of forest products , our attention shifts to the development of the first truly Trans-Tasman forestry standard,” Mr Dorries said.

From Trans-Tasman standard development to global trade, the Responsible Wood and PEFC ‘trust marks’ increasingly used by Responsible Wood scheme holders to verify and demonstrate the sustainable origins of forest products, in the forests.

“Both in Australia and around the world, Responsible Wood scheme holders are making their mark.”

“None more so then International House in Sydney which was the recipient of the World Architecture Festival’s ‘Best Use of Certified Timber’ award in Amsterdam,” Mr Dorries said.

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