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Join us later this month at the Alternative Investment Forum as we discuss how investing in biodiverse forestry is the solution for corporations to meet their sustainability goals, and provide the ultimate guide to on-the-ground forest investment.

When financing, insuring or investing in projects or companies involved in forest operations or related production and trade, financial institutions need to ensure that private sector activities have minimal negative impact on forests. Moreover, responsible investors should look for ways to facilitate net positive impact.

Forest certification is the most effective tool available to leverage our lending and procurement to promote sustainable forests – BANK OF AMERICA

The assurance that forest certification offers about a business and its impact on nature is well advanced. PEFC forest management or chain of custody certified companies implement the highest standards in forest certification.

By providing transparent information on traceability and management practices, forest certification helps prevent environmental damage, ensuring operators’ compliance with environmental and social policies, and supporting sustainable development.

Benefits to financial institutions

PEFC certification offers financial institutions the reassurance that they are respecting environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals in a market where these principles matter more each day.

Certification enhances brand value and sends a positive, clear and transparent message to the market, ensuring that financial institutions stand out as business leaders, strengthening their competitiveness over time.

Join us at the Alternative Investment Forum to find out more!

Taking place virtually on 13 October, the Alternative Investment Forum looks to discuss investment opportunities in timber and agriculture in order to diversify portfolios and achieve healthy returns.

Our CEO Ben Gunneberg will take part in a panel discussion, alongside representatives from Botanic Gardens Conservation International and Shell, to talk about how investing in biodiverse forestry is the solution for corporations to meet their sustainability goals. Later the same day, Ben will present the ultimate guide to on-the-ground forest investment, followed by a Q&A.

The event is free to attend, all you need to do is register.

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