Why You Should Get Chain of Custody Certification

Chain of custody certification is required to substantiate any claim that wood and wood products are obtained from a certified forest and supplier.

Chain of custody is essentially an inventory tracking and control system and achieving certification demonstrates that this system meets the requirements of the Chain of Custody Standard and has been audited by an independent, accredited certification body.

Businesses that have achieved chain of custody certification are able to identify and provide Responsible Wood and/or PEFC certified wood or wood products. Customers of these businesses can reward and encourage good forest management by demanding products from certified forests and suppliers rather than other sources.

Key Requirements for Certification

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1. Put in place management systems that comply with the Standard

The management systems in place must comply with the relevant Standard: • Australian Standard® for Chain of Custody of Forest Products (AS4707) • International PEFC Standard for Chain of Custody of Forest and Tree Based Products (PEFC ST 2002:2020) This information can be integrated into existing systems a company has already implemented, such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 procedures.

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2. Train staff

Identify, brief and train the personnel responsible for performing the tasks which will affect the implementation and maintenance of the chain of custody - buyers, marketing and sales personnel. It is vital to ensure that everyone involved has appropriate knowledge of the purpose and requirements of chain of custody certification.

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3. Implement checks to verify that sourced material is certified

Production of certified goods requires procurement of certified material - implement the necessary checks to verify that sourced material is certified.

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4. Implement processes to ensure production of certified goods complies with the Standard

Implement processes to ensure that the production of certified goods meets the requirements for chain of custody certification. Proof may be required at any stage of the process.

5. Maintain records that prove the certification process

Properly maintain the records to prove that all systems comply with the Standard.

6. Conduct annual internal audits

Properly maintain the records to prove that all systems comply with the Standard.

Key Steps in Obtaining and Maintaining Certification

1. Contact an accredited certification body
2. Apply for certification
3. Fees
4. Site visit by auditors
5. Resolve non-compliance issues
6. Certification issued
7. Annual surveillance audits
8. Inclusion in Responsible Wood database of certificate holders
9. Request to use the Responsible Wood and/ or PEFC logos
10. Renew certification
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