Timber Queensland’s ‘Timber Hub’ achieves Responsible Wood and PEFC project certification ahead of office opening.

WHEN Timber Queensland relocated to the northern Brisbane suburb of Kedron a new fit-out provided an opportunity to create a ‘timber hub’ showcasing Queensland specialised timber species.

Adding to the complexity, the “Timber Hub” committed to achieve Responsible Wood project certification using timber and services donated by Timber Queensland members – with the assistance of SCS Global Services.

In early 2021, Timber Queensland’s “Timber Hub” was certified under the Responsible Wood and PEFC project certification scheme with over 90% of all timber sourced by suppliers with Responsible Wood Chain of Custody certification.

The project is the second in Australia to be certified under AS 4707 and follows the highly acclaimed Sydney Metro North West project which was certified in 2019.

Responsible Wood is Australia’s largest forest certification scheme and is a co-tenant in the new “Timber Hub.”

Simon Dorries, Responsible Wood CEO, explains:

“Responsible Wood project certification is a specific form of Chain of Custody certification which allows companies to receive recognition for the use of certified timber in their projects.”

“Project certification provides an important mechanism for gaining independent verification for the use of certified timber in one-off projects, such as the Timber Hub fit out which has a limited duration,” Mr Dorries said.

Detailing the certification process Mr Dorries identified the importance of developing project procedures to monitor compliance with Chain of Custody standards.

“Responsible Wood has developed a Project Certification Manual that provides all the procedures required for project certification,” Mr Dorries explains.

“A copy of this document is now available through the Responsible Wood website, free and online to assist with future project certifications.”

In the new “Timber Hub,” individual offices, common and break areas, and the foyer have been framed with a variety of timbers and hardwood upright dowels – with a deliberate emphasis on “biomorphism” where wood is used to reflect the patterns and shapes as seen in nature.

Mick Stephens, CEO of Timber Queensland, explains:

“The concept from day one was to reflect the warm and wonderful features of wood as well as showcase the variety of commercial timber products and species produced in Queensland.”

Up to 50 special guests will join Timber Queensland and Responsible Wood in celebrating the opening of the “Timber Hub” on Thursday, the 18th of March 2021.

For media inquiries, please contact: Jason Ross, Marketing and Communications Officer, Responsible Wood, tel: +61 7 3359 1758, jross@responsiblewood.org.au