Dear Members, Certificate Bodies and Chain of Custody certificate holders,

Re: Implementation of the 2020 PEFC Chain of Custody Standard and Trademark Usage

You will be now be aware that the 2020 revisions to the PEFC documents below are now available;

Chain of Custody Standard (ST 2002)

Trademark Use Rules (ST 2001)

Certification Body Requirements for Chain of Custody (ST 2003)

Implementation of the New Standards 

PEFC has provided a detailed guidance document on the new Standards and Logo Usage Rules outlining how the new documents are to be implemented. See link below

Information Document – The 2020 Chain of Custody, Trademarks and Certification Body requirements

In summary, the following will apply;

  • The 2013 version of the PEFC Chain of Custody Standard ST 2002 remains in force until 14th of August 2022. For PEFC Chain of Custody holders, you will have until this date to comply with the 2020 version. An audit to the new standard is required before certification to the 2020 version of the PEFC Chain of Custody Standard will be granted
  • Certification Bodies must be accredited to the 2020 version prior to audits being performed
  • Certification bodies need to add the 2020 version of the PEFC International Chain of Custody Standard to their Scope of Accreditation. This requirement requires more specific mandatory training that Responsible Wood can provide once Responsible Wood staff have undergone the PEFC ‘Train the Trainer’ programme

Please feel free to contact Responsible Wood should you require any further information  

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