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PEFC International Launches New Responsible Packaging Campaign

Packaging isn’t just part of the products we buy … it’s a product and an entire industry by itself – in fact a $US900 billion industry.

Forest fibre-based packaging is essential to the products we buy online and also the food we eat by extending shelf life and protecting it from damage. More and more people are getting packages delivered to their homes and workplaces as the global parcel delivery boom continues.

Australia Post says more than 200,000 new online shoppers have entered this market since the Covid pandemic.

PEFC Responsible Packaging Campaign

When it comes to a product’s packaging it’s fair to say that kids and adults alike are now well conditioned to think of recycling, and rightly so. However, consumers and brand owners have often not thought beyond recycling. Which, when you think about circular economies, resource management, climate, carbon and energy use, recycling is only part of the equation. No fibre in the world can be recycled indefinitely, however, forests produce a truly renewable resource.

This is why the idea of Responsible Packaging is based on the notion of three ‘Rs’ – Renewable, Responsible and Recycled. Responsible sourcing is about more than how the forest is managed – to be truly sustainable, the people who produce the forest products must also be treated fairly. This means safe working conditions and fair labour practices throughout the entire chain of custody.