Glue Laminated Timber (GLT), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) were in the spot light as the movers and shakers in the Queensland timber industry converged on the Grand Ballroom at the Victoria Park Golf Complex in downtown Brisbane to discuss the evolving trends in the engineered timber industry.

Responsible Wood members Hyne Timber and Wesbeam showcased their use of GLT and LVL in servicing a growing number of client wants and needs. Indeed, on the back of the well-publicised Lend Lease CLT project (25 King Street Brisbane) chatter is now growing amongst engineers, architects and specifiers to use engineered timber more and more in commercial building projects.

Speaking about the ‘Maryborough Fire Station’ Proposal, Hyne Timber Strategic Relations Manager and Responsible Wood Director Katie Fowden spoke about the added benefits of GLT including the company’s innovative development of BIM (Building Information Management) content.  While the majority of large scale, commercial engineered timber projects have imported their timber from overseas, Hyne Timber, Wesbeam and Xlam are all trailblazers in Australian production; sourcing their timber from certified, Australian forests.

For these businesses ‘chain of custody’ is king. Underpinning the benefits of Responsible Wood Certification Wesbeam Senior Structural Engineer Stephen Dayus suggested that ‘it all starts in the forest’ with great importance placed on maintaining strong forestry standards in order to preserve future timber supply; the ultimate renewable resource.

Responsible Wood is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that promotes sustainable forest management through the development of standards for forests and the products that come from them. These standards are accredited by Standards Australia and include 4708 (Forest Management) and 4707 (Chain of Custody).  The Responsible Wood logo bears a commitment to both Australian made and environmental sustainability through forest management, product and distribution of Responsible Wood member’s engineered timber products.

Katie Fowden (Hyne Timber), Jason Ross (Responsible Wood), Stephen Dayus (Wesbeam)