Responsible Wood, Australia’s largest forest certification scheme, will participate in the UN & Australia Sustainable Partnerships Forum, which will be delivered virtually on 20 and 21 April 2021.

With a focus on the 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) ratified by all United Nations Members States in 2015, the Forum will bring together government, universities, private and community sector organisations to develop partnership around areas such as climate change, biodiversity, gender equality and sustainable cities and communities.

A special feature of the Forum will be the Digital SDGs Showcase which will show the national and international audience the work being done in Australia to progress the SDGs. Delegates will be able to connect directly with Showcasers throughout the Forum and during a special live session.

For Responsible Wood, the Australian national governing body for the PEFC, forest certification and the role sustainable forest management in unlocking the full potential of forests, plays an important role in achieving SDGs.

Responsible Wood Marketing and Communications Officer, Jason Ross explains.

‘Responsible Wood and PEFC forest certification provide a framework for global forests to be managed sustainably for multi-generational use.’

‘Whether its minimising poverty and hunger, promoting education, good health and welling being and gender equality or clean health, sanitation, affordable and clean energy and decent work opportunities, forest certification plays an all-important in setting benchmarks and standards.’

‘What’s more PEFC and / or Responsible Wood forest certification plays a significant role in ensuring that forests remain forests.’

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