“Legal, Responsible and Tasmanian. Find out how Tasmanian timber is using Responsible Wood Chain of Custody to leave its mark on the world stage”
Chain of Custody in action – The Piners Collection

Covered by Jason Ross, Responsible Wood Marketing and Communications Officer

Fresh from a whirl-wind tour of the apple isle, it is clear that the Tasmanian timber and forest industry is a’changing.

Today sustainability, legality of timber and chain-of-custody are on the lips of all that work in the Tasmanian forest and timber industry.

For Tasmanians, Chain of Custody is a big deal.

Courtesy of Fine Timber Tasmania, a system of chain of custody developed by Tasmanians for Tasmanians, I was able to take in the sights and sounds of the Tasmanian forest and timber industry.

Fine Timber Tasmania manages a Responsible Wood Group Chain of Custody certification scheme, the largest of its type, for licensees within the Tasmanian fine timber and hardwood supply chain.

Managed by Brueckner Leech, Mark Leech and Eddy Willis travel extensively throughout the state, working with Fine Timber Tasmania licensee holders to ensure that Responsible Wood Group Chain of Custody certification is maintained by licensee holders.

“Fine Timber Tasmania was introduced 10 years ago, with consumers now demanding that wood products can be traced back to a sustainable and legal source.”

“Fine Timber Tasmania uses Responsible Wood Certification for Chain of Custody, the only certification scheme that has been endorsed as an Australian Standard.”

“We are a world first, a guarantee of origin for all fine timber products sourced from and produced in Tasmania,” Mark Leech said.

Responsible Wood ran workshops in Launceston and Hobart

Numbering 30 strong, Fine Timber Tasmania is an example of collaboration in action.

The system has buy-in from all major sawmills as well as manufacturers of wooden furniture, designers / makers, musical instrument makers, retailers and gallery owners.

According to Eddy Willis, having broad representation across the full supply chain is an important step in ensuring that the integrity of the Responsible Wood Chain of Custody is maintained at all stages of production.

“All our scheme holders source timber from forests that are certified through Responsible Wood’s Sustainable Forest Management standard, through our chain of custody scheme we can monitor that Chain of Custody to ensure that the link is not broken.”

“Many of our licensees are using Responsible Wood certification to export their products globally, internationally endorsed through PEFC, licensees are able to sell Tasmanian timber to global markets far and wide,” Mr Willis said.

Design Tasmania is ‘must see’ for all visiting Launceston

Closer to home, a stroll through the ‘Design Tasmania’ gallery in downtown Launceston is a ‘must see’.

From wall to wall, Responsible Wood certified timber and timber-based products hang proudly.

The timber on display is beautiful, a must-see for all that visit Launceston, all uniquely Tasmanian.

Responsible Wood Group Chain of Custody certification provides small operators with the opportunity to participate in the Responsible Wood certification scheme.

For more information about Responsible Wood Chain of Custody please contact Responsible Wood at info@responsiblewood.org.au, (07) 3359 1758.