PEFC in New Zealand has a new online home with the announcement by the New Zealand Forest Certification Association (NZFCA) of a new website promoting PEFC forest certification for New Zealanders…

The new website will keep New Zealanders abreast with all things PEFC and will feature important stories that are relevant to New Zealand. 

Reflecting on the new website, NZFCA Chair Dr Jon Tanner, stressed the importance of PEFC and forest certification in protecting forests, supporting action on working rights and meeting timber legality requirements. 

Dr Jon Tanner explains:

‘The new website draws on the global reach of PEFC as the world’s largest forest certification scheme and highlights the growing role of New Zealand forests, processors and merchants in providing PEFC claims in New Zealand and across international markets.’

In 2019, PEFC International celebrated its 20th anniversary.

In 2015, New Zealand joined PEFC International with the current NZ/AS 4708 endorsed as a forest certification scheme by PEFC International.

More than 600,000 hectares of New Zealand forest is now covered by PEFC forest certification.
Please visit to view the website.