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Public consultation an opportunity for all
‘Proposed changes include revision of the PEFC Due Diligence System (DDS) and introduction of an all new ‘PEFC pure’ label’

PEFC International, the world’s largest forest certification system, invites Timber and Forest E News subscribers to provide feedback on the PEFC Chain of Custody and PEFC Trademark Standards.

With a deadline of July 9th 2019, subscribers have the opportunity to provide comments, feedback and suggestions during the public consultation period; ensuring that the standards meet the needs and expectations of your business.

Speaking out about the new draft standards, Responsible Wood CEO, Simon Dorries, went to great lengths to stress that standards were still in draft form and encouraged all members, scheme holders and stakeholders to contribute to the public consultation.

‘The proposed standards have flagged significant changes for PEFC certification, specifically with respect to DDS, the definition of core sustainability issues as it relates to controversial sources and its impact on uncertified materials,’ Mr Dorries said.

‘This is especially relevant in countries which have weak legislation or law enforcement, PEFC forest certification provides an assurance of sustainability as well as timber legality,’ Mr Dorries said.

Amongst other changes the new standards have flagged changes to product groups, credit validity, certificate check and recording and trademark licensing.

‘The public will have the opportunity to participate in a series of webinars that will provide more information about the proposed changes.’

‘In total there will be three webinars, the first scheduled for 10.00pm on the 29th of May, the second scheduled for 7.00pm on the 3rd of June and the third scheduled for 7.00pm on the 3rd of July 2019.’

Details about these webinars are provided on the Responsible Wood website.