Published on 1 July 2019

‘Japanese conference celebrates role of PEFC forest certification in protecting forests’

Full house – More than 150 delegates from across the Asia Pacific region attended the conference

The PEFC family continues to grow from strength to strength with more than 150 delegates from across the Asia-Pacific region meeting at the 2019 SGEC (Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council) / PEFC International Forest Certification Forum in Japan.

Hosted in Tokyo on Monday, the 24th of June 2019, the forum commemorated the 20th anniversary of PEFC and celebrated the enduring role of forest certification in improving the social and environmental conditions of the world’s forests and those that inhibit them.

Simon Dorries CEO of Responsible Wood spoke of the importance of PEFC certification in providing environmentally conscious consumers with trust that timber and paper based products are sourced from a sustainable source.

PEFC International CEO Ben Gunneberg provided the keynote report

‘For many buyers certification is a must, consumers today that products are sourced from global forests that support sustainable forest management.’

‘Today, PEFC forest certification is increasingly becoming a non-negotiable for suppliers looking to gain access to international markets,’ Mr Dorries said.

Responsible Wood is the only Australian forest certification scheme mutually recognised and internationally endorsed by PEFC and as CEO, Simon Dorries was one of eight speakers that presented at the forum.

Responsible Wood CEO Simon Dorries on the underlying values of PEFC certification

‘The forests products industry is increasingly global in outreach and Australia is no different.’

‘Australia is an importer and exporter of forest products, and for many of these products it circulates around the Asia-Pacific region.’

‘This herein underlies the power of certification, under PEFC forest certification timber can be grown, manufactured and traded from country to country and border to border.’

‘With all forest products traced back to a sustainable source, in the forests where forests are preserved for generations to come,’ Mr Dorries said.  

Amongst highlighted speakers included Mr Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, Mr Tatsuya Kajiya, Exeuctive Director of SGEC / PEFC Japan, Mr Joji Makimoto, Director General of the Japanese Forestry Agency, Professor Yoshinori Yasuda, Director of the Museum of Natural and Environmental History Shizuoka along with presentations from Askul Corporation, Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd and the Tamura Timber Company.

For more information about PEFC or Responsible Wood please visit the Responsible Wood website.