Published on 25 June 2019

Take a walk through Matilda Veneer and it’s very easy to get lost in impressive variety of veneer offer. Indeed Matilda Veneer stocks more than 100 different species of timbers making it Australia’s largest manufacturer of timber veneer.

From one generation to the next – Robert Filip with Craig Graham and Anthony Wardrop

And for Matilda Veneer, supporting responsible forest practices by its very nature is critical for its long term survival and prosperity.

Talking to Responsible Wood’s Jason Ross, Matilda Veneer’s Anthony Wardrop and Craig Graham emphasized the importance of responsible sourcing, manufacturing and stocktaking; all important for protecting forests for current and future generations.  

‘We are in this business for the long term, in some ways we are part of a new generation of manufacturers, and with this we have an underlying responsibility to support our forest resource for the next generation,’ Anthony said.

‘And with this, forest certification plays an important role in verifying and demonstrating our life-long commitment to responsible forestry.’

‘For Matilda Veneer, PEFC ‘Chain of Custody’ certification provides our customers with trust that products used in the home and on building projects support sustainable forestry; sourcing and manufacturing timbers from foresters that are environmentally conscious and focused on future renewal,’ Craig said.

Founded in 1990, Matilda Veneer processes more than 1200 cubic metres of logs into veneer and between 1800 and 2000 cubic metres of cubic plywood.

A masterpiece in veneer – The critically acclaimed Robina Town Square project

With more than 1.4 million square metres of veneer and plywood stored in its Gold Coast facility, Matilda Veneer has an extensive species list including Queensland Walnut, Silky Oak, Tasmanian Blackwood and a huge range of Australian hardwoods including Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Ironbark and Jarrah to name just a few

‘When it comes to stocktake, Matilda Veneer has the largest and most extensive stockpile of veneer in the Australian marketplace.’

‘Some of our timbers have been in storage for close to 30 years, we are in the decorative timber business, a business where fashions and trends change regularly and often,’ Anthony said.

‘And this is where Matilda Veneer is unique, we protect and preserve our range of products and are well equipped to cater for changing fashion and trends.’

‘We believe that stockpiling is a must, our business is highly subjective and with timber resource in precious supply; Matilda Veneer has an obligation to ensure that all timbers stockpiled are protected and preserved for future purchase,’ Craig said.

For more information about Matilda Veneer please visit the Matilda Veneer website, for more information about PEFC Chain of Custody certification, please visit the Responsible Wood website.