As PEFC International turns the spotlight to the important role of trees in reducing air pollution…

With air pollution the focus of this year’s World Environment Day Responsible Wood CEO Simon Dorries was well equipped with facts and figures to discuss the importance of trees and forests in regulating air quality.

‘It’s often said that knowledge grows on trees, and trees and responsible forestry go hand in hand,’ Mr Dorries said.

Reflecting on the new PEFC International ‘Air Pollution Facts’ campaign, Mr Dorries stressed the importance of forest certification in protecting forests for future generations.

‘Trees and Forests are the world’s lungs, the role of trees is instrumental in regulating the earth’s ecosystem.’

‘And this is why the forest certification message is so important, PEFC and Responsible Wood provide consumers with trust that timber and paper based products are sourced from sustainably managed forests.’

‘Whether it’s Responsible Wood in Australia or PEFC Internationally, forest certification demonstrates a strong commitment by forest managers and farmers to meet high benchmarks for sustainable forest management,’ Mr Dorries said.

Indeed for foresters, forest certification is a multi-generational commitment; a commitment that benchmarks responsible forest practices across more than 50 indicators.

Known as the Montreal Process, the indicators go to the heart of Responsible Wood and PEFC forest certification.

‘Globally more than two thirds of all certified forest area is covered by PEFC forest certification, we are a community based scheme and operate as a large family,’ Mr Dorries said.

For more information about Responsible Wood or PEFC please visit the Responsible Wood website.