Published on 4 September 2019

‘New Zealand owned and operated, and proudly so, PEFC ‘Chain of Custody’ certified Crucial Colour is an Auckland printer that is serious about responsibly sourced paper’

Covered by Jason Ross, Marketing and Communications Officer for Responsible Wood

AUCKLAND 03/09/2019 – Crucial Colour is a printer making a difference.

For many printers ‘Chain of Custody’ can be a brave step into the unknown, a commitment that demonstrates that paper is sourced from responsible forests and verified through an extensive auditing process.

In an industry where margins are tight and pressures to supply is immense, ‘Chain of Custody’ is the exception to the norm; a high watermark for printers supplying to environmentally savvy consumers.

However for Crucial Colour, ‘Chain of Custody’ is a matter of necessity, an investment for the future.

‘At Crucial Colour we have carried PEFC and FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ certification for many years,’ Gary Furness, Managing Director of Crucial Colour.

Globally there are two recognised forest certification schemes, PEFC and FSC, together responsible for developing environmental benchmarks to promote and protect global forests. 

Evidently Crucial Colour, who carries PEFC and FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ certification, can back up talk with action – demonstrating that paper carried in its feedstock carries PEFC and FSC certification.

‘For Crucial Colour PEFC and FSC certified paper can be supplied par for course, using one of the most advanced printing plants in New Zealand, ‘Chain of Custody’ provides Crucial Colour with market access to our increasingly savvy consumer base,’ Mr Furness said.

Whilst forest certification remains an important consideration for some buyers, awareness of PEFC and FSC remains low across the majority of consumers.

‘This is the challenge for PEFC and FSC, the vast majority of consumers are not asking for either scheme, and without growing demand it can be difficult to develop the business case for forest certification,’ Mr Furness said.

As one of six New Zealand commercial printers proudly carrying PEFC ‘Chain of Custody,’ Crucial Colour speaks with authority.

Indeed, improving awareness and improving consumer demand of forest certification is a challenge faced by PEFC and FSC globally and in the New Zealand marketplace.

Representing PEFC in Australia and New Zealand, Responsible Wood CEO, Simon Dorries spoke of the importance of outreach in educating consumers on the benefits of forest certification.

‘Ultimately it comes down to communication, most consumers understand that responsible forestry is positive, but they are unaware of the importance of PEFC and FSC certification in driving positive change in the forests and through timber and paper based products.’

‘When it comes to supporting responsible forestry, environmentally savvy consumers can drive meaningful change through purchase decisions, ultimately they have the power for good.’

‘For those savvy consumers, a PEFC claim on printed paper, sourced from a printer with a current ‘Chain of Custody’ like Crucial Colour is an important step.’

‘Through the Responsible Wood website we have a list of all up to date printers that have current PEFC Chain of Custody certification, if you have any questions about New Zealand Chain of Custody please feel free to contact us at any time,’ Mr Dorries said.

For more information about PEFC forest certification or forest certification more generally please visit the Responsible Wood website.