‘New campaign supposes consumers support PEFC certification on timber and paper products’

Forest certification is a must for processors, retailers and merchants that sell timber and paper based products to aware consumers according to Responsible Wood CEO Simon Dorries.

Speaking ahead of the launch of a new ‘traceability’ campaign, Simon Dorries stressed the importance of PEFC and Responsible Wood certification in demonstrating the sustainable origin of timber.

‘In Australia we talk about the ultimate renewable, PEFC or Responsible Wood certification is an important step in demonstrating the sustainable and legal origin of the timber,’ Mr Dorries said.

As the National Governing Body for PEFC in the Australian marketplace Responsible Wood has a strong grasp of the Australian market conditions.

‘Certainly demand for PEFC or Responsible Wood certification is rising amongst consumers, there is no question consumers are more environmentally and socially aware when making purchase decisions,’ Mr Dorries said.

And for processors, retailers or merchants Responsible Wood can assist in providing information including pathways to achieve certification.

‘Often we get asked by processors retailers and merchants how they can participate in the Responsible Wood or PEFC certification scheme.’

‘It’s the same with processors, whether the company wishes to carry the Chain of Custody or pass on the certification, Responsible Wood can provide assistance to anyone interested in the certification process,’ Mr Dorries said.

Last month Responsible Wood partnered with the Australasian Furniture Association (AFA) to provide technical guidance to  AFA members interested in certification.

‘Our relationship with the AFA is an example of steps Responsible Wood is taking to reach out to the industry and educate consumers on the importance of forest certification,’ Mr Dorries said.

For more information about the traceability campaign, Chain of Custody for Forest Products or Responsible Wood more generally please contact Responsible Wood.