‘Responsible Wood Director Mark Thomson to present the case for certification’

Forest certification plays an all-important role in ensuring that timber rails and balustrades meet key social and environmental expectations.

As Australia’s largest forest certification scheme, Responsible Wood certification is an important step to ensure timber railing and balustrades are source from responsibly managed forests and demonstrate a valid chain of custody through its supply chain.

Enter Mark Thomson, Responsible Wood director, architect and pioneering sustainability professional who will join some of Australia’s leading industry experts in providing invaluable insights into the responsibilities, opportunities and new technologies that today’s balustrade industry faces.

Meeting at the Lilydale Lakeside Conference and Events Centre, ‘Close to the Edge: Balustrades – Complexity, Codes and Casualties’ will run from 8am until 5.30pm on Wednesday, the 27th of November 2019 in suburban Melbourne and is a conference that cannot be missed.

Reflecting on the conference itinerary Mr Thomson stressed the importance of certification in providing self-regulation to the industry.

 ‘Certainly opt-in certification, whether it be compulsory through government policy and regulations, or voluntary through non-compulsory schemes like Responsible Wood have an extremely important role in ensuring that balustrade construction is sustainable and using sustainable materials.’

‘Forest certification, first and foremost, provides industry participates with an all-important due-diligence system from the source, through suppliers and installers, that can very verified through an audited paper trail,’ Mr Thomson said.

For further information about the conference, including information about tickets, please visit the Australian Balustrade Association website. For more information about forest certification and its role in the supply chain please visit the Responsible Wood website.