Certification Category Chain of Custody
Certification type Group Certificate
Certification no GM-PEFC-COC-101091
Responsible Wood Logo ID RW/ 1-32-01
PEFC Logo ID PEFC/21-32-01
Certification Status Current
Expiry date 24/11/2024
Certification body Global-Mark
  • AS 4707:2021
SCOPE DESCRIPTION Multi-site organisation comprising of group members called licensees in a producer group. These are independent legal enterprises associated together for the purpose of certification. Central adminstration is by the group entity office of Brueckner Leech. Covers processing, merchandising, manufacturing and sales of forest and timber products.
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Exterior products
  • Fuelwood
  • Roundwood
  • Sawn Wood
  • Wood based panels
  • Wood Manufacturers
CONTACT EMAIL [email protected]
CONTACT PHONE 0487 386 833
Address 58 Channel Highway, Kingston, TAS, 7074, Australia
Website http://www.chainofcustody.com.au
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