Certification Category Chain of Custody
Certification type Multi-site
Certification no GM-RW-COC-104827
Responsible Wood Logo ID RW/ 1-31-327
PEFC Logo ID PEFC/21-31-327
Certification Status Current
Expiry date 10/05/2028
Certification body Global-Mark
  • AS 4707:2021
SCOPE DESCRIPTION Physical separation method for COC as pertaining to trade in plantation and native forest products of round log and chip, residue and particles as well as production at Exeter site of landscaping mulch.
  • Chip
  • Chips & particles wood residues
  • landscaping mulch
  • Round Logs
CONTACT NAME Debbie Loosmore
CONTACT EMAIL [email protected]
CONTACT PHONE 03 6344 6664
Address 325 Hobart Road, Youngtown, TAS, 7249, Australia
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