Certification Category Chain of Custody
Certification type Multi-site
Certification no SCS-PEFC-COC-001000
Responsible Wood Logo ID RW/ 1-31-53
PEFC Logo ID PEFC/21-31-53
Certification Status Current
Expiry date 16/10/2027
Certification body SCS Global Services (AU)
  • PEFC 2001:2020
SCOPE DESCRIPTION This multi-site certificate covers the distribution of PEFC certified MDF particleboard, melamine coated MDF, melamine coated particleboard and plywood using the physical separation method and the production of melamine coated MDF and particleboard using the percentage-based method.
  • Fibreboard
  • Integrated parts of wooden buildings and constructions
  • Particle Board
  • Plywood
CONTACT NAME Sant Quaremba
CONTACT EMAIL [email protected]
CONTACT PHONE 0417 523 413
Address 130 Sharps Road, Melbourne Airport Business Centre, Melbourne Airport, VIC, 3045, Australia
Website http://www.thelaminexgroup.com.au
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