Certification Category Chain of Custody
Certification type Multi-site
Certification no 100518
Responsible Wood Logo ID RW/ 1-31-20
PEFC Logo ID PEFC/21-31-20
Certification Status Current
Expiry date 04/07/2023
Certification body Global-Mark
  • PEFC-ST-2002:2013
SCOPE DESCRIPTION Transport and receipt of hardwood logs and sawmill chips, sawn timber production, fuelwood and chip processing with stockpiling and conveying onto ships. COC verification by rolling average percentage based method.
  • Chip Processing
  • Fuelwood
  • Sawn Timber Production
  • Transport & Receipt of Hardwood Logs & Sawmill Chips
CONTACT NAME Michelle Davis
CONTACT EMAIL michelle.davis@artec.net.au
CONTACT PHONE 03 6382 2000
Address 135 Mobil Road, Bell Bay, TAS, 7253, Australia
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