Certification Category Chain of Custody
Certification type Multi-site
Certification no 100518
Responsible Wood Logo ID RW/ 1-31-20
PEFC Logo ID PEFC/21-31-20
Certification Status Current
Expiry date 04/07/2023
Certification body Global-Mark
  • AS 4707:2014
SCOPE DESCRIPTION Transport and receipt of hardwood logs and sawmill chips, sawn timber production, fuelwood and chip processing with stockpiling and conveying onto ships.
  • Chip Processing
  • Fuelwood
  • Sawn Timber Production
  • Transport & Receipt of Hardwood Logs & Sawmill Chips
CONTACT NAME Michelle Davis
CONTACT EMAIL michelle.davis@artec.net.au
CONTACT PHONE 03 6382 2000
Address 135 Mobil Road, Bell Bay, TAS, 7253, Australia
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