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We are a proud partner of the World Rainforest Day initiative, organized by the Rainforest Partnership to celebrate World Rainforest Day.

Taking place on 22 June, World Rainforest Day is a collaborative effort to raise awareness and encourage action to protect the world’s rainforests.

Did you know that rainforests cover less than 3% of the Earth’s area, but are essential to life on Earth?

Or that more than 25% of the medicines we use originate from rainforest plants?

Rainforests can even influence global weather, and are home to half of the world’s terrestrial species.

World Rainforest Day is an opportunity to celebrate this vital natural resource each year and take action to preserve it.

Protected Together. Now. Forever.

PEFC is part of the global Rainforest Day Community, that organizes three consecutive days of engaging programming in celebration of World Rainforest Day, including interactive events, online workshops and resources from around the world.

Each day will be revolving around a specific pillar of the 2021 theme: Protected Together. Now. Forever.

“This year’s event is more than a celebration of rainforests or a call for change. It’s an unprecedented act of collective action and collaborative coalition-building,” explained Niyanta Spelman, CEO of Rainforest Partnership.

“Protecting rainforests is an absolutely critical climate solution. We need Rainforest Ambitions. We need to act together, in defense of rainforests, climate, people, and planet.”

As part of this campaign, we will post a number of rainforest facts on all our social media platforms. This mini campaign forms a special edition of our ongoing social media campaign #ForestFactFriday, with a focus on rainforests.

“World Rainforest Day is a wonderful occasion to discover the wonders and powers of our rainforests. Through our campaign, we hope to open people’s eyes to the importance of rainforests for all our lives,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International.

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