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PEFC and the World Architecture Festival (WAF) are continuing their collaboration, awarding the Best Use of Certified Timber Prize for the third time. Due to the current global pandemic making physical meetings difficult, the World Architecture Festival will go virtual in December, and be back as a live event in June. The entry deadline has been extended to 8 January 2021.

From 23 – 25 June 2021, WAF will be at the FIL exhibition centre in Lisbon, Portugal, where the Best Use of Certified Timber Prize will be awarded.

As a consequence, the period for entering projects has been extended until 8 January 2021. For architects and project teams, this means that the chance to participate in the Best Use of Certified Timber Prize is not over!

If you have chosen certified timber as the main material for your construction project and haven’t entered the project yet, make sure to enter it here.

Until then, WAFVirtual will take place from 30 November – 4 December 2020 and will see a week of talks, panel discussions, special prizes and networking opportunities.

Continuing a successful collaboration

For the third year in succession, PEFC is sponsoring the Best Use of Certified Timber Prize, rewarding architects and project teams for using certified timber as the main construction material for buildings outstanding in sustainability, innovation, quality or aesthetics.

After a successful 2018, we were happy to see even more interest in the prize in 2019.

“In our two-year-long dialogue with renowned architects at WAF, we have noticed an increasing interest in sustainable timber. Some architects even say it’s ‘the only way forward’,” said Fabienne Sinclair, Head of Marketing at PEFC International.

“We are pleased to contribute to making both forests and construction more sustainable.”

How to enter?

All projects entered for any of the 18 ‘Completed Buildings’ award categories are eligible for the Best Use of Certified Timber Prize. Under Additional Project Prizes, at the end, simply check the box next to “Please consider me for Best Use of Certified Timber Prize”.

Please remember that the use of certified wood is a precondition for entering the prize. During the submission process, you will be asked to provide details on the percentage of PEFC-certified material used on your project. To get started, head to the WAF website!

Designing the Future with Sustainable Timber

Under the theme Designing the Future with Sustainable Timber, we have brought together a range of stakeholders to promote the use of certified wood in construction.

While other construction materials emit large amounts of carbon, wood stores it. This makes it the only renewable building material available on a large scale. PEFC-certified timber comes from a PEFC-certified forest – a forest managed sustainably in line with strict international requirements.

Also in the third year of the campaign, we are looking forward to working with architects, designers and construction teams around the world and see more fantastic buildings from sustainably managed forests.

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Photo credits: Peter Bennetts, Rasmus Hjortshoj, Francisco Nogueira

Responsible Wood is the National Governing Body for PEFC in Australia. For more information about PEFC please visit the PEFC website.