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With the soaring popularity of timber in the building and construction market, Responsible Wood is quickly becoming the new ‘trust mark’ for timber sustainability.

Front and Centre. Responsible Wood is a proud ‘Green Lister’

Fresh from announcing a new relationship with the Fifth Estate, where Responsible Wood will feature proudly as a ‘Green Lister’ on the The Fifth Estate’s directory for green businesses.

According to Simon Dorries, Responsible Wood’s CEO, forest certification plays an important role in validating the environmental and social credentials of the timber supply chain.

“All the planets have now aligned. Timber stores carbon, as a building material it is the ultimate renewable.”

“Responsible Wood, internationally endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), is the only forest certification scheme that meets an Australian Standard,” Mr Dorries said.

According to Responsible Wood Marketing and Communications Officer, Jason Ross, the relationship is a natural fit for the organisation, previously known as the Australian Forestry Standard.

“As it stands Responsible Wood is the only certification scheme that certifies a number of hardwoods and softwoods that are popular for architectural application within the built environment.”

“Building professionals are a key stakeholder in our certification scheme, whether its high-quality furnishings, solid wood mouldings, interior joinery, Responsible Wood certification is a must-have for all building professionals.”

“This unique relationship will allow Responsible Wood to speak to building professionals like never before, we will provide them with all information needed to make the most informed decisions,” Mr Ross said.

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