Responsible Wood Notification Form

This form is required to be completed annually by Certification Bodies at each sustainable forest management and chain of custody audit. Some information gathered during this process is required for reporting on the Responsible Wood and PEFC public certification databases. Other information is used for internal reporting purposes only – i.e. notification fee bracket and logo use. This information is not publicly available and is kept confidential.

    Step 1. - Retrieve Your Details

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    * Contact information is only used on Responsible Wood and PEFC certification databases.

    Certification Details

    AS 4708 Sustainable Forest ManagementNZS AS 4708 Sustainable Forest ManagementAS 4707 Chain of CustodyPEFC ST Chain of Custody

    Note: There is no additional fee for logo use beyond the annual notification fee.

    Please list the Logo ID number(s) in use for this certificate

    Certificate Status

    Please notify us directly if the certificate status has changed.

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    This information is used for database reporting.

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