As featured by PEFC International

PEFC-certified timber was used to realize Leeds Skelton Lakes Services, a ‘new concept’ motorway service area in Leeds, United Kingdom. The construction used cross laminated timber (CLT), glulam and cassette panels made from PEFC-certified spruce.

Designed by Corstorphine + Wright architects, the scheme brings together a wide range of popular food, beverage and leisure brands, as well as a business centre and community facilities, and offers a place to stop for a break from the journey.

Timber does not only give the construction a warm and modern atmosphere, but is also a great choice for our environment. The 644 m³ of PEFC-certified spruce used in the project sequestered 430 tonnes of CO₂.

A welcoming environment thanks to timber

The layered landscape surrounding the site is referenced in undulating roof ribbons on the main building. Windows fitted in the ribbon’s gap bring light into the space created.

The ribbons are planted with native meadow species, providing a natural atmosphere and a habitat for local wildlife.

The roof creates a contemporary, dynamic form both inside and outside the building. It is supported by exposed glulam beams that follow the curve of each ribbon and internally provide a warm, natural aesthetic. This also helps create a welcoming environment.

Efficient and effective offsite construction

Offsite constructor B&K Structures (BKS) designed, fabricated and installed the structure and the ambitious roof geometry. The construction approach for Skelton Lakes was carefully considered by BKS as a single structural sub-contractor supplying and installing the structural steelwork, CLT, glulam, timber cassettes, and was installed efficiently and effectively using offsite techniques.

BKS worked in close collaboration with Austrian partners Rubner Holzbau, that undertook the design of the timber cassettes.

The end result is a high-quality project using sustainable timber that was delivered on-time and to the client’s budget.

Responsible Wood is the National Governing Body for PEFC Australia. To find out more about Responsible Wood and forest certification more generally please visit the Responsible Wood website.

Photo credits: B&K Structures