Responsible Wood launches Small Grants Program

Through the 2020 Responsible Wood Small Grants program, Responsible Wood seeks to support regional and rural Australian communities to connect with their Responsible Wood locally certified forests.  Responsible Wood believes that through the building of new and or enhancing existing connections with forests communities become stronger, healthier and happier.

Specifically, the Responsible Wood 2020 Small Grants program is designed to support local communities better access or experience their local forest.  This may be through the construction of bike or walking tracks, improved signage within a forest, construction of picnic facilities, rehabilitation or habitat improvement of forest areas, bushfire related commemorations, commissioning and or installation of art along existing forest tracks.

Responsible Wood is encouraging groups such as, registered charities, Men’s sheds, local incorporated groups, sporting clubs, Art groups, Councils, Education institutions, registered bike or bushwalking clubs, Indigenous organisations, Landcare or local environmental organisations to come up with some creative ideas about how to better access or enjoy forests and submit an grant application.

The funding available per project is between $2 000 and $20 000 and the applications close on 15th November with the project to be completed by 31st May 2021.

Application Process

To apply for the grant you need to complete two steps:

  1. Eligibility checklist

Please download and complete the ‘Eligibility checklist’. This checklist will demonstrate your eligibility for the grant. Once you’ve determined your eligibility for the grant program proceed to developing your project and completing the Application form.

  1. Application form

Download and complete the application form.

Successful projects will be selected from the field of entrants using a competitive process based on your project application by three judges.

And email both to by the 15th November 2020. If you have questions regarding your project application, please review the FAQ and if still unsure, contact Megan at


What are the aims and objectives of the 2020 Responsible Wood Small Grants program?

The Responsible Wood Small Grants program aims to enhance the connection between local community groups and certified; forests, forest growers and wood products.

The grant program will achieve this by:

  • Linking community and Responsible Wood certified forest growers or timber product producers who have Responsible Wood Chain of Custody certification.
  • Supporting communities undertake projects or activities that better enable physical connection of people and forests or wood products.
  • Providing an opportunity to promote to local communities the value and benefits of sustainably managed certified forests and wood products.
  • Providing an opportunity for communities to leverage funding from a variety of sources to complete forest access or timber utilisation projects that otherwise would not be possible.
  • Supporting the forest industries through promotion of Responsible Wood certification.

Is there a Key Selection Criteria?

Yes there is a Key Selection Criteria.  It is important that you carefully consider and provide answers to this criteria in the Project description in your application.

Key Selection Criteria

  • Project idea – What is your idea?
  • What value does your idea bring, to your group and or the wider community?
  • What is the name of the local certified forest that you want to either; access, support, improve or promote?
  • Has the local Responsible Wood certified forest grower or Chain of Custody producer supported this project? If so, please describe their support.
  • Why do you want to undertake this project?
  • Is your project likely to develop any Intellectual property or products?
  • How will you promote the project to your community and beyond?
  • Budget – if successful how you will spend the Grant? Include the timing for payments and project milestones that you will require. Have you received any other contributions for the project, if so, please indicate the amount and name of the co-contributor.
  • Are you working with any other community groups to deliver this project? If so, please describe.
  • Is this grant part of a co-contribution from another funding source, if so, please describe.

How will my application be judged?

The grant will be judged in a competitive process by three leaders in the forest and timber industries. Where each judge will assess each application and score them based on how your application meets the Responsible Wood project aims.  The scores will be compiled and the highest scores will be awarded the grants.   The judges’ decision is final. The judges will score each application using the Small Grants Judging Scoresheet.

Is there an eligibility checklist?

Yes.   Providing a completed signed and dated application checklist is a requirement of the application process.   It must be completed and signed by the the organisations president, treasurer or secretary.   The checklist can be downloaded from the Responsible Wood website.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the project?

Successful project applicants will need to accept and abide by the project Terms and Conditions.  They are included in the Application form.

How are any conflict of interests managed?

A judge must disclose any potential conflict of interest when assessing applications to the other judges.  The conflict may include a current membership of the group or living/working close to the forests/communities that may benefit.

A judge who declares a potential conflict is excused from assessing that application as well as the group discussion of that applicant. Where this occurs, the final combined score will be based on the average score of the remaining judges and weighted accordingly so that the applicant will not be disadvantaged.

Who owns any Intellectual Property or other property which is created from the prize?

Any intellectual property or other property which is created from the grant will be owned by the project applicant.

Are projects that can attract funding from other sources encouraged?

Yes, projects that can attract a co-contribution are encouraged.

What can’t be funded?

There are a number of items that can’t be funded and these are included in the Application form.

What happens if I don’t have the support of the local Responsible Wood certified Forest Grower or Chain of Custody certificate holder?

Support from either your local Responsible Wood certified Forest Grower or Chain of Custody certificate holder is one of the Key Selection Criteria and is important and will be included in the judging of your application.   For a list of the Forest Growers and Chain of Custody producers, please refer to the Responsible Wood website.